#DIS Series Make your own happiness

Hello wonderful beings of the Earth!

Gosh! Where do I even start?! Today, unlike the past few, have been on the gloomier side as the weather chose to be grumpy and sprinkled speckles of tears throughout the day. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly the picture perfect skipping-down-cobbled-streets kind of pretty. However, I’ve had such a great day finishing off assignments for the semester (HOLIDAYS, I’M READY FOR YOU!) and just being grounded and present. Today marks the end of all term 2 assessments for home girl and words cannot express HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Yes, capslock was necessary! #Sorrynotsorry 😛 It’s only been three days but the magic is working and somehow, in the mist of this chaos we call life, I found a little more peace within myself.

I’m not going to say that I am completely at peace with myself because I’m not, in fact, far from it. But this is the beginning. A daily reminder that life is precious, magical and confusing, in a good way! We may not understand everything but the joy lies in experiencing the unknown, in learning to live again, to love again, to breathe again. Life can be as ordinary as you want it to be, or as riveting as you allow your mind to wander. It’s all up to you; the choice lays in your palms. You control this.

16/6/15 #DIS:

  • Finished my last SAC (HOORAY!! PARTY 😀 )
  • Went to the gym, had a great workout.
  • Mum made the best soup for lunch!

Till next time, with love.

theotherside97 xx


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