Trust in faith, no matter where it may be

Faith, it’s a tricky little thing… An act that can go so wrong, but yet so right; and as to which way it goes, that’s in the palms of chance. And the only thing you have control of? The act of believing; a blind sense of trust in that everything will work out; to jump without looking, believing that someone will be there to catch you when you fall. To have faith is to have complete confidence in something or someone, even when the odds are stacked against it’s very existence. To completely and utterly fall head over heels for a concept or person so uncertain, so treacherous.

I guess that’s the thing that kills us all. The little glimpse of hope disguised as faith that we treasure within us, the one we hang on to oh so desperately. What starts off as a tiny slither of hope festers into this underlying desire that things will go our way, maybe unconsciously but definitely there. And soon enough, when the odds fall through and reality sets in, we find ourselves on the cold hard floor at 2am wondering what went wrong.

You weren’t supposed to care – that’s what you vowed after the first time round. You promised to not let yourself be that vulnerable ever again because you know all too well how hard it was to get back on your two feet after the initial fall, to finally feel okay again. You said you’d never be the girl who gave it her all, only to get nothing in return; you had to protect yourself, because the world wasn’t going to. But secretly, at the bottom of it all, you still bear a speckle of faith that somehow, the world will prove you wrong; that someone will love you madly with their all, just as you wanted and just as you love them. The hope that in the end, things will be perfect. And so time and time again, we trust in faith that things will work itself out; that this skinny love will last the year; he/she will come through, slowly, but eventually.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes handing it over to faith is the best thing one can ever do because occasionally, things really do fall into place just as you let the world run its own course. But when do we draw the line between blind trust and taking action? Because the last time I checked, too much of either and you’ll end up losing your balance and fall off the tightrope. Do we just flip a coin when faced with a conundrum? Heads for ‘take matters into your own hands’ and tails for ‘trust in faith’. Or do we go with our gut instinct, no processing, no thinking, just do it. (You’re welcome, Nike)

It’s funny because if you think about it, just clear your mind for a moment and properly analyse and reflect on it, aren’t we all inadvertently trusting in faith? One way or another, faith is still the underlying factor that drives us…? If you chose the first option and dive in head first, you’re having faith that you, oh so beautiful you, will make things better. No one knows for sure what the future holds, nor can one predict every possible consequence of a decision but you’ve trusted that you’ve calibrated and calculated that this will work out. You chose to trust in yourself, not in the universe, but you. And my gosh is that such a wonderful thing, the self-affirmation that we spend our whole lives searching for but right then and there, you believed that you could do it, and so you did.

Now option 2: trust in faith, or more precisely, the universe. Hold on a second? Univ- who now? Somehow, along the way towards civilisation, mankind came up with this mystical place we label ‘The Universe’. A place where we shove all our uncertainties and doubts towards and let it run it’s own show. We bundled up our trust, wrapped it in brown paper and handed it over to this place of unknown. After that, we kick back (or frantically panic, either way) and wait for the aftermath to hit us face first.

Some days, faith will be the only thing that keeps you going and if you ever find yourself in that position, please promise me that you’ll trust in it and fight your way through because I know that we’re all destined for something great, no matter the circumstance, no matter where you are. Even if you fall time and time again, promise me you’ll stand back up, brush off the dust and keep going. Obstacles will come your way, that’s the only guarantee, but if there’s anything I’ve learned, risks are worth taking; people are worth believing in and you always deserve another chance. When faced with life’s countless crossroads, trust that the puzzle pieces will fall just as it should. And if it isn’t perfect by the end of the day, then get up tomorrow and do it again.

Never stop believing. 

Till next time, with love.

theotherside97  xx


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