You’re Going To Break My Heart…And I’m Going To Let You

“But at least that destiny means that I got to love you a little.”
You already hold my heart and it may end in shambles but at least I got to love you, even momentarily.

Thought Catalog


We met at the end of summer, when it’s warm enough to step out in a strapless dress, some open-toed wedges; no need for a light jacket. The air is fresh and full of life, fall’s chill hasn’t overtaken. I had seen you around before, and maybe you had seen me too. But until that night, we had never really noticed each other. We talked, we laughed, we flirted, and eventually, we kissed. From that moment, I knew that I had fallen for you, for us. 

As the late summer transitioned into a light fall, now in sweater dresses and flats, we enjoyed the chillier breezes, lucky to get a few sunny days in the midst of the early cold. I began to study you more. The way the back of your hair stands up when I’m grabbing it as I kiss you, the way a smile is…

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