You’ll Never Forget your First Love

When do you realise you’re over someone? Is it when you no longer wake up with them on your mind or is it when the butterflies no longer flutter when you cross paths once more? That feeling once so familiar, now so foreign.

I honestly don’t know…

break-ups are hard, no one likes them and you end up noticing more mushy romantic things that you wish you could’ve done, you should’ve done with that someone, and it involves alot of trying-to-get-better. But where does all that end? Or does it even end? Do feelings just miraculously fade away one morning or does time put a lid on it and those feelings are not gone, just locked away…

Friends tell you that you’ll find someone better, that he/she isn’t worth it, or “I don’t know why you dated them in the first place” just to make you feel better but does it help? Really? Because I’ve gotten alot of that and yet, I’m still here, dwelling when I should be over this…

He doesn’t seem fazed nor affected by all this and while I’m happy he’s well, a part of me just wants to yell in frustration because it sucks being the only one affected by all this while he smiles on. Maybe I’m being selfish, possibly toughen up, or maybe I should move on… But how?

Moving on is everything I want to do, to finally feel better again and to be able to focus on just me and those around me – friends and family. But how long can you go till you get tired of pretending to be over someone? Till you feel weak in your legs and you’re out of breath… Who knew a once-stranger had such capabilities of making you feel that way? When once upon a time, you operated just fine without them. In just one year and three months, from a stranger to my everything to someone I knew in the past…

It all went by in a blur, too fast, too soon and I will always cherish those moments where we were genuinely in love – true, pure love. The kind that comes by so fast and catches you by surprise, but leaves before you can catch your next breath; all in a spur of a moment, so fast, so wild, so magical…

“You’ll never forget your first love”… I guess I finally understand why

Big love,



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